My Hacienda

My Hacienda

from dawn to dusk

Terence Coetzee

My name is Terence Coetzee and along with my husband Russell, have owned on Hacienda del Alamo since August 2016.  When Carol asked me to write a bit about our experiences at Hacienda del Alamo, I had two immediate worries… Firstly, coming straight after Sandra’s stories and experience that is a seriously tough act to follow, and secondly we’ve only been at the resort for three years, what on earth can I talk about?!


Well the best that I think I can do is share some of our story, hope it resonates with some and maybe encourages others who have not bought a property on the resort yet.


We purchased our villa on phase five coming up on 3 years ago. It’s funny how many of life’s experiences are impacted by the people that we meet! On our first visit to HDA with an agent we were impressed but not exactly moved to purchase. However upon our return the next day, and thanks to some very straight talking about the villa, the resort and things to consider (points which continue to serve us well) we ended up agreeing to make our purchase there and then. Second day on the resort, second day in the area, and our first ever visit to the region!


Three years down the road and we’re settled in to our routine…. Arrival day lunch at The Spaniard and a catch up with Jo, mid week dinner at Oso Blanco and our chance to say hi
to the ever busy Manu and Keith, and plenty of free time to just get in the car, drive and explore. That said, that cursed roundabout near to Ikea still terrifies me, so there are some limits as to where I’ll drive… We’ve had some amazing days out exploring the Juan Gil vineyard and wine tasting (don’t make my mistake and be designated driver), the menu del dia at Viggo’s in Mazzaron, organic olive oil tasting at Casa Pareja, next on the list to explore…. Sierra Espuña. Oh, and not forgetting the annual HDA Fiesta, still on our list of things to experience!


the Juan Gil vineyard

The things that initially attracted us to HdA remain true. It’s a beautiful resort with potential that it is now really starting to realise. The hotel, the airport, restaurants on site, talk of an ATM coming, the huge investment and commitment by SAREB, there is a definite wind of change in the air (and that’s not just from a flight landing at RMU!). Along the way we have been supported and helped by some great people, neighbours, residents on the resort and new friends from nearby. Has it all been plain sailing? Absolutely not, we’ve had exactly the same type of hiccups along the way as with any new property purchase. However we’ve developed a network of reliable service providers and friends who we can turn to for help and advice. There’s also a wealth of personal recommendations available on the Facebook owners group and this website for pretty much any question or problem. Building connections takes time, especially when it comes to the in’s and out’s of owning, running and furnishing a property in Spain. We use extremely reliable local providers, they are our bedrock and have helped us settle and establish ourselves. Over time we’ve found new connections, developed what we wanted, and built new relationships that serve our changing and growing needs.


It’s been a great three years, and we’ve had some amazing times here with our various family members and friends. Each of these trips really helps to cement the villa as our home, full of memories, laughter, and hangovers! Here’s to the next three years and the changes they will bring!